A revolutionary healthcare platform that seamlessly connects patients with doctors for virtual consultations and in-person appointments, bringing comprehensive medical services right to your doorstep​.


Redefining healthcare delivery for the modern world. An innovative startup brings healthcare to your doorstep through a seamless online platform, connecting you with experienced doctors and a comprehensive range of services. Say goodbye to waiting rooms and the hassle of travel – Subhealth is here to provide you with 360-degree healthcare convenience.

Experience the future of medical care with Subhealth’s user-friendly app. Book appointments effortlessly, whether you prefer in-person visits or real-time video consultations with trusted medical professionals. Our commitment goes beyond consultations – we deliver prescribed medicines to your door and offer the ease of home sample collection for lab tests. Subhealth is your dedicated partner, dedicated to making healthcare accessible, efficient, and tailored to your lifestyle.


Millions of people struggling with suboptimal health lack convenient access to timely doctor appointments. Existing booking systems are often slow, confusing, and fail to consider user preferences, leading to frustration and delays in receiving necessary care. This can further worsen suboptimal health and increase anxiety.


My Role

As a solo designer, my key responsibilities involved collaborating closely with stakeholders to synthesise user requirements, conducting user research, competitive analysis, creating wireframes, visual design, interactive prototypes and effectively communicating design decisions.



The scope of the Subhealth project involved the design and development of an Android-based mobile application. The project has a very few features based on the product road map at MVP stage.


  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Meet 
  • Trello

Project Type

  • Freelance

User research/personas

I started my design process by doing some foundational research for the Subhealth Project. I begin by conducting user interviews in-person with 34 Patients and 16 professional doctors. Among all those Interviews I’ve listed only one persona for each user.

These user personas provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs and desires of the target users for the Subhealth platform, focusing on the needs and goals of Natasha and Dr. Zahoor, the Subhealth platform can be designed and developed to meet the needs of numerous patients and doctors, and to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

User Journeys

After identifying targeted users and understanding their pain points, I decided to create user journeys for the Subhealth app. These user journeys helped me to understand the entire feature and its use case and how users can interact with the product at each touch point. Below are the given user journeys.

Booking an Appointment

Step 1: Natasha opens the Subhealth app on her phone.

Step 2: She selects “Book Appointment” and chooses her preferred doctor’s specialty.

Step 3: Natasha picks a convenient date and time for her appointment.

Step 4: She reviews her selection and confirms the appointment booking.

Step 5: Natasha receives a confirmation notification with the appointment details.

Video Consultation

Step 1: Natasha logs into the Subhealth app on her smartphone.

Step 2: She navigates to “Consult a Doctor” and selects a video consultation.

Step 3: Natasha chooses her doctor and initiates the call at the scheduled time.

Step 4: During the video call, she discusses her health concerns with the doctor.

Step 5: The doctor provides advice and recommendations for further steps.

Step 6: Natasha ends the call and receives a summary of the consultation via email.

Prescription Delivery

Step 1: Natasha opens the Subhealth app on her smart phone.

Step 2: She goes to “Medicine Delivery” and adds her prescription details.

Step 3: Natasha confirms the order and provides her address for delivery.

Step 4: She reviews the order summary and proceeds to payment.

Step 5: After successful payment, Natasha receives an order confirmation.

Step 6: Her prescribed medicines are delivered to her doorstep within the specified time frame.

Home Sample Collection

Step 1: Natasha launches the Subhealth app on her smartphone.

Step 2: She selects “Lab Tests” and schedules a home sample collection.

Step 3: Natasha provides her address and picks a suitable date and time.

Step 4: She confirms the booking and receives a confirmation message.

Step 5: On the chosen date, a healthcare professional arrives to collect the sample.

Step 6: Natasha’s test results are uploaded to the app, and he receives a notification.

User Flows

Creating user journeys helped me understand how users will access features and interact with the app. Here I decided to go one more step ahead and drawn user flow diagrams to discover the entire user journey throughout the app and each feature.

Information Architecture

Creating Information architecture for each screen/page associated with the feature, helped me to organize the information required for users on the screen. Given table depicts information against each screen.


Engaging in the creation of several wireframes allowed for a rapid ideation process to strategically structure the layout and information on the screen, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience. These wireframes encompassed various aspects, including home, appointment, doctor profile, listing doctors, and appointment history screens.

Style Guides & UI Components

Following multiple iterations of wireframes, I established comprehensive style guidelines, typography specifications, and a library of components essential for crafting high-fidelity designs.

High Fidelity Designs

I crafted detailed, high-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes, rigorously assessing the app’s usability and functionality. This comprehensive evaluation enabled me to pinpoint areas for improvement and refine the design to align more closely with user preferences and needs.


I crafted detailed, high-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes, rigorously assessing the app’s usability and functionality. This comprehensive evaluation enabled me to pinpoint areas for improvement and refine the design to align more closely with user preferences and needs.

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Subhealth solves this problem by providing a seamless, personalized, and efficient doctor appointment booking experience. By dynamically displaying doctor availability and avoiding peak times, Subhealth empowers users to:

Find appointments quickly and easily – No more navigating complex calendars or waiting times.
Schedule appointments at their convenience – Dynamically avoid peak hours and choose preferred dates and times.
Reduce stress and anxiety – A user-friendly interface and transparent availability minimize booking hassle.

In-Person Appointment

Online Video Consultation