PackageX Receive

Simplifying the package management process at any place, using machine vision & AI to automate package receiving operations.


Receive is powered by an award-winning package receiving app that automates label data ingestion, package notifications, storage, retrieval, routing, forwarding, pickup, locker integration, and many other logistics workflows for mailrooms, pickup/drop-off locations, and other delivery sites.

PackageX Receive is SaaS based B2B application that operates on both mobile and web platforms with a rich user experience and modern user interface. Receive has a significant impact on the lives of people by simplifying their operation at package receiving sites.


In numerous organizations, the current mailroom operations heavily rely on manual processes to handle incoming mail, resulting in inefficiencies, errors, delays, and even losses in mail delivery. Recognizing this challenge, a demand arose for the development of an innovative and advanced mailroom application.

My Role

As a project lead designer, my key responsibilities encompass collaborating closely with stakeholders to synthesise user requirements, effectively communicating design recommendations, prioritizing desired outcomes, lead the entire design process, and effectively managing expectations across development teams.


  • Enhancing user retention by elevating the product’s user onboarding and subscription experience.
  • Scaling up the product and adopting design best practices to improve existing unique selling point (USP) features.
  • Validating product solution from a successful launch and user adoption of a new feature that allows customers to automate their workflow.


  • User Research
  • Analyzing
  • Ideation
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Usability Testing


  • Figma
  • FigJam 
  • Adobe CC
  • Notion
  • Azure DevOps
  • Zoom
  • Slack


Design Process

Working in collaboration with the company’s CTO and Product Manager, together we took a “from the ground up” approach and mapped out user journeys for the customer, I led the entire design process through design thinking.

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that focuses on understanding users’ needs and creating innovative solutions that meet those needs effectively. It is a human-centered approach that encourages empathy, collaboration, experimentation, and iteration throughout the design process. 

01- Empathize

After discussing with the business strategy team and business owner, I looked into a few direct competitors and compared them to the current product. Then, I surveyed and interviewed a few real users of our current product to gain insights into their motivation and pain points.

Competitive Analysis

Feature Analysis

Next, I identified features from the apps and found that parcel tracker provides a lot of features specifically for mail-receiving operations, also it is equipped with an appealing UI and intuitive experience, Notifii Track has a quick and easy onboarding experience, and Envoy Delivers has powerful analytics dashboard, detail reporting, and fast OCR label scanning. I thought these were all dominating points over our competitors if we incorporate them into our product.


User Survey & Analysis

Coming soon.


User Interview & Analysis

Coming soon.

02- Define

In the second step of the design process, I begin creating a persona, an empathy map, a customer journey map, and finally coming up with a problem statement.


Creating personas is a way to imagine who I would be designing for. I listed the goals & needs, motivation, and fear & frustrations.

More information and visual coming soon.


Empathy Mapping

Visual Coming soon.

Customer Journey Map

Information and visual coming soon.

Problem Statement

Information and visual coming soon.

03- Ideate

Information and visual coming soon.


Information and visual coming soon.

Information Architecture

Information and visual coming soon.


Information and visual coming soon.

04-Design & Prototype

Information and visual coming soon.

UI Kit & Components

Information and visual coming soon.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Information and visual coming soon.

Final Prototype

Information and visual coming soon.


Usability Testing

Information and visual coming soon.

User Feedback Incorporation

Information and visual coming soon.

Existing Vs Revamped Product Comparision

Information and visual coming soon.


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